8 Great Job Boards for Diverse Professionals

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Many employers are stepping up their efforts to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce.

With the nation’s attention focused on racial justice, a growing number of hiring managers are actively working to recruit a diverse work force. As part of that, many are postings openings on websites that prioritize recruiting people of color — a signal that they are looking beyond the usual channels to find a wider range of candidates. According to of , a recruitment website, his company is currently working with more than 500 employers across the country. “All of them are actively hiring and all of them want to be more inclusive,” Lee said. These are some of the top diversity recruitment websites for college grads:

, headquartered in Atlanta, is a Black family-owned business that says it caters to “all people of color, abilities, sex orientation, age, gender, religion and immigration status.” The site features job postings for professionals in all types of industries and organizations, with emphasis on the science, technology, education and medical fields.

, based in Columbus, Ohio, and San Diego, California, recruits for African American applicants. Its goal is to “promote well-paying job opportunities … to help reduce the high rate of unemployment in Black communities.” The site provides links for users to apply for professional jobs available around the country, in a broad range of industries. Job seekers can create a profile and sign up for job alerts.

was founded in 2012 by Sherry Sims, a former corporate human resources executive and career coach. The site includes a robust job board, with listings for all levels of professional jobs around the country, along with tools, support and networking opportunities with “a strong network of like-minded businesspeople.” There’s no cost to using the job board, but accessing other services entails signing up for various levels of membership, all at modest monthly and yearly fees.

runs job board run that publishes “career information and opportunities from quality socially conscious organizations who support the Hispanic / Latino Community.” Job seekers can search openings by keyword and locations and sign up for email updates about new opportunities.

is a network of students and alumni from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). In addition to listing jobs at all levels from around the country, the site allows users to join the network, where they can browse a list of HBCU alumni and students for networking opportunities. It also features an annual list of the top 50 employers for HBCU graduates.

was founded in 2007 by HR executive, Dr. Marcia F. Robinson. The HBCU Career Center supports the professional development of HBCU students and alumni by bridging the gap between educational and corporate life. They do this through hosting regular workshops with leading career coaches and experts, building free professional development tools and through its robust job board of opportunities across all industries.

, based in Chicago, began in 2003. The network includes several culturally distinct job boards, such as and , which is focused on the Latinx community. The sites list a broad selection of jobs, ranging from seasonal work to senior-level corporate positions from around the country. The network also hosts local, national and virtual career fairs.

lists opportunities from employers who are targeting “minorities, women and persons with disabilities.” The site boasts that “every month, more than 250,000 qualified job candidates visit our website looking for well-paying job opportunities.”  Job listings can be searched by location, industry and level of experience. Most of the positions listed require a college degree.  Users can create a profile and get job alerts that meet their criteria.

was created by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a U.S.-based Hispanic civil rights organization founded in 1929.  Its goal is to “increase diversity in corporate America and federal government,” the site says. The job board posts openings for interns all the way up to senior-level employees from employers around the country. Job seekers can post their resume for hiring managers to peruse.